Section 1 Identification
Product Name:
Other designations:
Chemical Formula:
Almandite Garnet
Reddish pink
(3 FeO, AI2O3, 3SiO2)
Section 2  Physical Characteristics
Particle appearance:
Specific Gravity:
Melting point:
Volatiles (%by weight):
Water solubility:
Crystalline, angular, no order
3.9 - 4.1
+/-1,260 c
Not applicable
Not applicable
Section 3  Fire and Explosion Data
Flammability Limits:
Extinguishing media:
Unusual fire and explosion hazards:
Special fire fighting procedures:
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Section 4  Health Hazard Data
Threshold Limits:
Effects of Over Exposure:
Emergency First Aid Procedure:
+/- 10mg/m2 as Total Dust
Not applicable
Not applicable
This material is non-toxic and nuisance dust.
Section 5 Reactivity Data
Hazardous polymerization:
Will not occur
Conditions to avoid No Hazardous decomposition products: Not applicable
Section 6 Spill or Procedures
Steps to be taken for leak or spillage: Material is inert and can be handled by broom spade, vacuum cleaner etc.
Waste Disposal Method:

Unless contaminated with other hazardous materials, may be disposed of at any non-hazardous material dump site in accordance with local regulations.
Section 7 Respiratory Protection
Respiratory Protection: In case of dust build-up in excess of the an OSHA approved air respirator is recommended.
Section 8 Special Precautions
Handling and Storing:
Other Precaution:
Not applicable
Not applicable

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